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I believe you deserve freedom & fulfillment inside your business.

After transforming my business to grow successfully without my constant energy and attention, I knew I had to help other business owners do the same.

I support stuck and unfocused salon owners shift their mindset to attract and streamline more business. Opulent Beauty Pro provides you with the tools and systems to properly run and structure your business for growth, so you can experience more freedom in your life.


Emma B., Salon Owner

"This program is incredible! No matter where you are in your ownership journey. The class content is very thorough and I have learned something valuable from each module! The information Patricia and her team share throughout this course is unique, it will help you set up, streamline and automate systems within your business with ease and confidence. If you're looking to invest in growth and support for your salon, I highly recommend enrolling in this program."

Jennifer R., Salon Owner

"We had our highest sales week of the year last week so I’d say we are definitely on track! The culture of the salon is the best it’s been since we’ve opened. Clients are loving everything about us right now and I couldn’t be happier!"

Cheri F., Salon Owner

"The Elevated Salon Collective has way over exceeded my expectations. It has everything a salon needs to organize, streamline, and create powerful content for the salon and the team. Everything is done for you, you just have to make it your own. Whether you want to understand the numbers better, start email or social marketing, train the team or streamline systems it is all there."


If you, like many salon owners, are having a hard time growing your business, spending too much time behind the chair, always feeling reactive and just can’t focus on that bigger picture of how to generate more income, we hear you.


Empowering Stylists & Salon Owners

At Opulent Beauty Pro, we give you the steps to put structure in place for every piece of your business. Whether you want to learn our Grace Hand Tied Method, systemize your business or grow on social media, we're here to bring more success and freedom to your business.