You deserve a career behind the chair that you love.


You have the ability to create an incredible career.


Beauty school doesn't teach us about business. That's why I'm here to help. From business building content, to client experience, to social media, Opulent Beauty Pro has courses and content to help you build a solid career as a stylist.

What kind of leader are you? 

Are you surprised that most of your success as a salon owner relies on how great of a leader you are? It's the truth- stylists want to work for great leaders that will guide them to success. And if stylists aren't working for a great leader, they'll go find one.


Here's what usually happens:

We finish school excited about what lies ahead, but no one prepares us for all the things that go into being a successful stylist.

We soon realize how many business tasks we must keep up with (creating content, follow ups, referrals, marketing ourselves) and quickly feel overwhelmed.

If you can relate, I'm here to help you build a stronger, better career.



A number of years ago, I was a struggling, burnt out hair stylist that was ready to leave this industry behind forever. One day I made a decision that would change my life: I decided to go all in and truly create a career as a stylist.

I went on every training program I could find to improve my skills... online courses, studying new techniques, practicing on a mannequin head. I maxed out my credit card in hopes to learn all I could and build a career I loved. I knew that if I maxed out my credit card, I had to make enough money back to pay it off.

This is where my love for education began. Within one year I had doubled my income, and the benefits of investing in myself were rapidly paying off.

I became passionate about helping salon owners evolve their careers like I did, and that is how Opulent Beauty Pro came to life.


Here's what we help you do:

  • Specialize in a service (like extensions) in order to charge a¬†premium price.
  • Excel in all things client experience so you can¬†charge more for your one of a kind experience.
  • Build an online presence that easily attracts clients.
  • Systemize your social media, emails, consultations and more so you no longer have to sweat the small stuff.


We want you to be successful. All our courses and content are tried and tested by my team at Opulent Beauty Salon to ensure they truly support stylists.


Mastering The Client Experience

Refine your business basics to improve overall client satisfaction. This includes everything from the consultation, to the greeting, to checking out, and following up.


Build Your Books

Our most comprehensive program that will get you building a solid book of raving clients in no time! Learn how to master your social media, build a solid referral system & more that will attract clients to your chair!


100 Captions Guide

Take the overwhelm out of knowing what to post with our Social Media Made Simple 100 Captions Guide!

For 100 posts, you won't have to worry about what to say on social media. Free up time and stop feeling overwhelmed by social media. Just copy, paste and post!



Extension Education

Specialize in extensions and transform your career.

Extensions allow you to charge a premium price behind the chair. Learn everything you need to know about the top methods & how to market yourself as an extension stylist.


Build Your Blowout Skills

Take your blowout skills to the next level. Learn how to perfectly style all hair types and complete your services with this important skill. 

Earn 2 CEU hours if in Illinois.


Build Your Shampoo Skills

Make a mark with your shampoo skills & create an experience for your clients.

Earn 2 CEU hours if in Illinois.


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